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The products in European and American standard in international and markets up than 40 countries.

innovative solutions for preventing and extinguishing fires in enclosed spaces and covered with high potential risk of fire.

The ultimate solution to prevent and extinguish fires, easy and safe to use, friendly to people and the environment.


  • Suppressing fire on its surface
  • Human and environment friendly (no halons)
  • Environmentally friendly green material
  • Fire extinguishing material  and cools the surface
  • Prevent fire to re-ignite
  • efficiency of the material at a dose of 6% liquid solution
  • The material does not cause collateral damage
  • Suitable for use in fire engines and spraying aircraft
  • Suitable for use in different configurations


  • Self-activation
  • 10-years product life expectancy
  • 10-years warranty
  • No need for maintenance
  • No false alarms, it activates only when the temperature rises

Ampule - 
the innovative fire protection solution without any human presence

  • The most innovative and effective product  for preventing and extinguishing fires In confined spaces and  potential risk area of  fires.
  • The ampoule provides extinguishing solution, with a surface capacity of about 24 m2,
  • Maximum efficiency in closed indoor areas
  • Easy to assemble or to disassemble
  • Certified and effective for the treatment of class fires: A, B, F
  • Friendly to man and the environment
  • Can be thrown into a fire source
  • The material does not cause any damage during fire protection – the remaining components are easily cleaned.
  • aesthetic
  • An ideal alternative to closed places and places where it is impossible to install a regular sprinkler system due to water and electricity infrastructure problems.


  • Electricity Production And Distribution
  • Oil Production And Distribution
  • Retirement Homes And Sheltered Housing
  • Commercial Laundries
  • Chemical Industry And Waste Management Industry
  • Production And Industry
  • Health Centres And Hospitals
  • Vehicles, Vessels And Public Transport
  • Schools And Public Institutions
  • Telecommunications And It Equipment
  • Printing And Paper Industry
  • Banks And Insurance Companies
  • Hotels, Kitchens And Cottages

Grenade fire extinguishing

  • Maximum efficiency in closed hiding places,
  • extinguishing  fires in the ranks A, B, F
  • thrown into a fire source.
  • extinguishing the fire from a distance.
  • Does not cause any damage during fire-fighting
  • the remaining components are easily cleaned.
  • Friendly for people and the environment
  • Life expectancy of 5 years
  • 2 years warranty
  • There are no maintenance costs
  • Easy to operate, assemble and disassemble

Fire spray extinguishing

  • An effective product for immediate extinguishing of all kinds of primary fires
  • Fire Extinguishing Spray – Innovative and universal product for many uses
  • effective fire extinguishing spray in kinds  A, B , F.
  • essential  in home, garden, camping, car, wherever there is a possibility of fire.
  • Easy and safe to use
  • no maintenance costs
  • Friendly for people and the environment
  • Reusable use

Independent fire extinguishing sprinkler

  • A revolutionary solution to places where it is impossible to install sprinklers system  (small businesses, work, shops, etc.)
  • An independent unit without the need for a water connection or an energy source
  • Scattering of the material “sprinkler” (spinkler) 3 – 8 sq.
  • ability to regulate the operation of the fire extinguishing system in different degrees: 57 ° C, 68 ° C, 79 ° C, 93 ° C, 141 ° C, 182 ° C
  • extinguishing material for fire types: A, B, F, C
  • Responsibility of the material – 5 years
  • Life expectancy 20 years, with regular regular maintenance